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January 11, 2019

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   In an emotional speech from the Oval Office this week, PDJT spoke about the crisis on our southern border and his intent to continue the partial government shutdown (check this video for the "disastrous" effects thereof), as the only way to get the DemocRATS to take part - however unwillingly - in our nation's defense. The president highlighted the thousands of American deaths resulting from the flood of illegal drugs, weapons, and gang members, as well as devastating the job market for the poorest Americans, and costing taxpayers untold billions for support services for our uninvited "guests." But the President's frightening statistics, (which were hilariously "fact-checked" by the Lapdog Media), were nothing compared to the terror we experienced when our TV screen was suddenly filled with two soul-sucking faces that put the "butt" in rebuttal. Reading a statement about PDJT's speech that was prepared before he'd given it, (and generating an an avalanche of hysterical memes in the process), Frankenschumer and the loathsome old colostomy bag glowered into the unblinking camera and lied their shriveled rear ends off about what Trump had said only moments before. They characterized his statements as lies and hate, and claimed that Democrats are actually wildly enthusiastic about funding border security as long as Trump just ends the shutdown so the matter can be (ahem) "debated" separately until a bipartisan solution can be reached. Because the last 50 years or so of debate haven't quite been enough yet.
  And here's a shocker. Turns out they...what's the word...lied. UpChuck & Nan met with The Donald the next day and tried to to play the "We'll gladly talk about securing the border later if you end the shutdown today" Wimpy card. So POTUS asked them point blank "what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier?" When Nancy said, "NO," Trump said "bye-bye" and got up and walked away. For decades, the DeMOBcrats have relied on the their squishy Republican counterparts to fall for their lies and cave. But Donald Trump isn't a squishy Republican. He isn't going to buy their "we'll compromise only after you give us what we want" BS. So far, at least, he ain't cavin'. Stay tuned.
   In case you had any doubts that the lunatics are running the asylum now that the 'Rats have the House majority, you need only look at their first day in power, in which they: brought forth articles of impeachment, called the President a "Mother F@#ker in front of children, brought a bill to disenfranchise 48 states by abolishing the Electoral College, called for a 70% tax on Americans to fund their Marxist schemes, took the oath of office on the Koran, passed a pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration budget bill, and compared POTUS to Hitler. But fear not. The Dembiciles jumping on the crazy train with both feet only plays into President Trump's hands. Between the radical anti-Israel bigots, the socialist economy-wreckers, the unserious "investigations" of every person who ever even uttered the word "Russia," and the no-holds-barred careening to the far Left, the next two years will only remind Americans just how insane the Demwit Party has become. And the harder and farther they push to the Left, the more likely it is that voters will push back in 2020. So enjoy the next 2 years in Crazy Town. Because all that insanity is going to backfire on the Dems in a big, BIG way.

   Have you been paying attention to the continuing unrest in Europe? Check out this PJW video: What They're Not Telling You About The Yellow Vests.
It was another momentus week for ClowNN's Jim (look-at-me) Acosta. First Kelly Ann Conway publicly ripped him a new one, calling him a smarta$$ and pointing out that none of his peers like him for asking incredibly insulting questions and being obnoxious. Then the mental midget unintentionally made the President's case undermining the "Walls Don't Work" Dem talking point during a report from the TX border. Next while doubling down on his gaffe, ASScosta got into a Twitter feud with Don Jr. which didn't end well for him. Finally, his frequent abusee Sarah Sanders got the last laugh by thanking him "for doing our job for us and so clearly explaining why WALLS WORK." I'm really starting to think this guy is a GOP plant. He couldn't really be that stupid, could he?
   Speaking of stupid, it was also another banner week for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin. It began with her aforementioned call for a 70% tax to pay for her (Red)Green New Deal (Let's see buck tooth, what's 70% of 170,000? we'll wait) and then running away from reporters when asked if she would forego her newly acquired huge Congressional salary during the shutdown. Then there was her faux-controversy claiming victimhood over a non-existent GOP attack about a video of a college-aged Cortez dancing, that was posted by some anonymous geebo on Twitter. Next she melted down over being fact checked for misstatements she made, which ended with her declaring that "It's better to be morally right" than "factually correct." Finally, the 29 year-old former barmaid and Congresswoman for all of 2 days declared herself the equal of FDR and Abraham Lincoln for her "brave" Socialist radicalism. Occasionally Conscious is going to be the gift that will keep giving long after Nancy shrivels up and dies. I'm pretty sure if she gets up on her tippy-toes, she can see Venezuela from her house.

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