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February 01, 2019

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  Debate rages about whether Trump "caved" last Friday by ending the government shutdown for 3 weeks without receiving a dime of wall funding, or whether he's simply taken a YUGE new interest in spelunking, which is a very, very popular - probably the MOST popular - subterranean rock-based hobby in the United States, which has the greatest hobbies in the entire world. While Schmucky Schumer crowed that Trump "has learned his lesson," others said that with the shutdown starting to be felt at the airports Trump was in a no-win situation and staged a tactical retreat while calling the DemoRATS' bluff on not negotiating during the shutdown. That when Botox Betty reneges, the American people will see with their own eyes just how friggin' worthless and dishonest the Democrats in Congress are. Then Trump will have no choice to declare a national emergency - which will be enjoined by a liberal judge before the ink on the President's signature has dried. Where this will end is anyone's guess, but one thing we've learned during the last 3 years is never to underestimate the Donald. We all know Trump is constantly playing three dimensional chess, right? Or maybe it's four dimensional Candy Land. I'm not sure.
   With the bogus "shutdown security concerns" out of the way, Granny Mc Mumblemouth had no choice but to re-invite PDJT to give the SOTU lest she be further exposed for the lying sack that she is. So next Tuesday America will be treated to an hour and a half of Trump exposing the crisis on the border with Chuck and Nan squirming & scowling behind him. Guaranteed he'll focus on this year's angel families and yesterday's massive fentanyl bust and then wait for failed Socialist Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to explain to us why we don't deserve to be safe from the invading hoards. I must say, the gap-toothed butterball was quite the choice for the reBUTTal. There's nothing quite like being lectured to by a morbidly obese blimp about healthcare, having someone in serious debt pontificate on fiscal responsibility and having a big-time racist harangue us on how to get along better. Is it just me? How come every time I see Abrams's face I check the pantry to be sure we're stocked up on pancake mix?
   Tuesday will also mark the 2 month milestone since there has been proof of life for Notorious RBG. While historically, the whole SCOTUS appears for the SOTU, I wouldn't count on Ginsburg showing up unless the Dems can dig up a convincing body double, post haste. When the cameras show Trump taking the podium, all eyes will be on Ginsburg's seat. If it's empty, hold on to your hats. After the Kavanaugh fiasco, just imagine what Democrats will try to stop Trump's third nomination. For the record, I'm not saying she has already joined the choir invisible, but there are reports that aides were seen carrying several cases of Febreze into her residence. Besides, her soul has been dead for quite some time.
   Lots of news on the 2020 Democrat Clown car this week. Kirsten Gillibrand totally redefined cringeworthy by giving a cliche-ridden pile of pabulum speech which made Alexandria Oqueso Crouton look like a deep thinker. Elizabeth (Chief Scold) Warren tried to out Commie the field by calling for a wealth tax to punish the evil rich for having more money than you. A video surfaced this week showing mathematically-challenged Bernie the Dinosaur - who is expected to announce any day - shirtless and hammered, colluding with Russians. Yesterday, Spartacus Booker, former mayor of the murder capital of the NJ who has the depth of a rain puddle and the intellectual breadth of a block of government cheese, declared he's in. Even the two time losing, former incompetent Secretary of State - who can barely walk - announced she hadn't closed the door on giving it another run. But the biggest splash was made by Kamala "kneepads" Harris, who the fawning Enemedia has already declared the "frontrunner," when she announced she wanted to eviscerate health insurance, and within 24 hours sent her advisor out to walk back her comments due to the ensuing outrage. She undoubtedly couldn't speak herself because her mouth was full.
   Another day and another Trump-Russia story has blown up. Remember the Trump Tower meeting that Don Jr. held in 2016, that Adam Schiff-for-brains insisted was grounds for impeachment because senior lied to Congress about? Well the sound of sad trombones echoed through the halls of media networks yesterday as a year of speculation surrounding Jr's "mysterious phone calls" ended with proof that his father was not the recipient. They'll need a lot of ketchup to be able to swallow that giant nothing burger!
   Finally, Hell has officially frozen over as a polar vortex plunged southward into the US, bringing extreme, record-breaking cold to much of the Midwest, leaving at least 11 people dead from it's icy blast. 73 Below Zero Wind Chill in the lower 48. Lowest temps in 30 years in Chicago. But I thought in 12 years we're all gonna be dead from melted ice caps!? Go inside, put on a sweater, light the fireplace, and check out Record Cold Forces Rethink on Global Warming.

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