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February 08, 2019

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   The President gave his 2nd SOTU address to the nation Tuesday, and while predictably the DemoCRAP Womyn's caucus scowled throughout, the country overwhelmingly approved. Trump called for bipartisan cooperation & spoke optimistically about America's future while behind him, PeLOUSY displayed that face you make when the Botox, Vicodin, and vodka are all fighting each other for control. Did you see the look on Bolshevik party boy Bernie Sanders' face when POTUS said, "America will never be a socialist nation?" Priceless! In what will hopefully be his tone in the run up to 2020, Trump sounded reasonable and - dare I say it - Presidential, while revealing the Dembiciles - especially the "Mean Girl Caucus" dressed in white - for who they truly are. They glowered as he talked of the things that matter to most Americans: national security, rising wages, low unemployment rates among minorities, the disabled, and women, millions off of food stamps & putting ruthless drug cartels, coyotes & sex traffickers out of business. The master stroke was when he got the Demwit Klapping Klan cheering for themselves like a sorority when he praised THEM, exposing them as a selfish, mean-spirited, parochial, clique that only care for themselves and not for real Americans. No number of policy papers or campaign ads could be more effective.
   In one of the stupidest documents ever written, Ocarina Ocrazio-Courtdate released her much-ballyhooed "Green New Deal" yesterday, and it did not disappoint. It reads like something a dimwitted HS student would have cobbled together after watching a couple of Noam Chomsky videos. Among other details, it calls for dismantling our current energy system, installing high-speed rail across the nation, replacing or upgrading every building and "every combustion-engine vehicle" in the country, and transitioning the entire country to renewables by tomorrow afternoon. It would do away with air travel and - I KID YOU NOT! - regulate cow farts! It was so moronic that even San Francisco's stretchiest face called out O-Co Loco for being a childish nitwit and she was forced to pull it from her website after being blasted by members of both parties. Of course that didn't stop fellow Dumbocrats like #HorizontalHarris and other Presidential candidates from jumping aboard her crazy train to try and earn some nutjob points for the primaries. Anybody else getting the impression Alex from the Block is really a Republican deep-cover plant?
   Shé Guevara's Marxist wish-fantasy wrapped in green bullsh!t is simultaneously the funniest and most dangerous piece of drivel you are likely to read this year. It calls for universal healthcare, free college education, government-provided jobs, family and medical leave, vacations, retirement security, and total "economic security" for anyone "unable or unwilling to work." In other words, it seeks to turn America into Venezuela. Considering the current sad state of affairs, I'd guess that at least a third of all Americans and a solid majority of Dems will stand up and cheer for it. While at the moment it has zero chance of being anything other than fodder for hysterical memes humiliating the Demonscat party, if things go badly in 2020 & these Commies take back full power - America as we know it could be gone. We'd best all be prepared for the biggest fight of our lives next year to prevent that from happening.
   Will any DemocRAT in VA who didn't wear blackface please raise their hand? The week began with Governor Shoe-Polish-Infanticide-Thriller Jolson Northam - who openly advocated for infanticide - admitting to and then denying the far worse crime (in Democrat circles) of posing for racist photos decades ago. Then we found out that the Lt. Governor, the State Senate majority leader and the Attorney General all had either been similarly "insensitive" or were accused of sexual assault. Now I'm not a big fan of "trial by yearbook," but since presidential wannabee's Kameltoe Harris & Spartacus Booker put such a high value on this kind of "evidence" during the Kavanaugh hearings, I'm willing to reach across the aisle and accept their premise that decades-old embarrassments should be used to destroy lives and political careers. But of course, hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat, so undoubtedly this will all blow over and Billie Jean is not my lover Northam can get back to supporting the murder of babies of all colors.
   The "preferred team of white nationalists" prevailed in the lowest-rated SuperBowel in a decade last Sunday. Not that I give a rat's a$$ about the National Felon's League anymore, but I have to admit, I was pulling for the Patriots over the sanctuary city team. First, the Rams had signaled they would likely snub Trump and skip the requisite WH visit should they win. No worries now - Losers aren't invited! Second, Libs are furious (what else is new), that the "white-privileged," perennial winner Tom Brady indisputably claimed the title of the best QB all time. Finally, the likely Conservative Brady hysterically trolled the media big time with a clearly heard "Reagan" audible, which signified a run to the right. I'm guessing an Obama audible would have meant running up the aSS of the nearest male cheerleader, spitting on the flag and then kicking the nearest police officer.

   It was another banner week for Fauxcahontas when she was caught wearing "redface" in the 80's as the WaPo broke the news that she had claimed to be an "American Indian" on her application to practice law in Texas. Just when we thought she'd been scalped and it was time to stick a tomahawk in her because she's done, Princess Running Gag was on Twitter yesterday, desperately trying to gin up excitement for her upcoming "big announcement," tomorrow. While it's unsurprising that Pretendian Warren would show even less self-awareness than Obama & keep going, the whole fiasco does lead one to wonder why would the Enemedia would pee-pee in her tee-pee if not to try & rig the primary for their preferred candidate, Ho-Bama? Me thinks the fix is in.
   Finally, Saturday was Groundhog Day. I don't know about Punxatawney Phil, but word is Al Gore saw his corpulent shadow and we're in for 6 more weeks of bloviating BS from self-proclaimed, "climatologists."

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