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February 22, 2019

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   Waves of sadness swept through the nation's "progressive" politicians and their media lapdogs this week when it was revealed that, tragically, Trump voters don't actually hate black or gay people and don't try to hang actors from spindly sidewalk trees in the midst of a polar vortex while being careful not to bruise their victim's tuna sandwich from Subway. Turns out that Jussie (watch me destroy my career faster than Kathy Griffin) Smollett staged the entire thing in a ploy to get a pay raise on his TV show. Check out this brilliant mashup of Smollet's oh-so-tearful ABC interview and Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson spanking him over the B actor's non-assault hoax. This latest in a long string of bogus, fabricated hate crimes proves that America must be a great country when you have to pay 2 black men to stage a "racist" incident because there were no deplorable closet Nazis to be found. Smollett may yet have a future in Showbiz, though. After witnessing his skills at fabricating a story entirely out of thin air, CrapNN will likely offer him a job as an investigative reporter and on-air anchor. He also does a great Tawana Brawley impression.
   In other Fake Noose, lawyers for the Covington kid maligned for "smirking" at the the Frigidaireborne ranger with a drum in D.C. last month, filed a $250M libel lawsuit against the Washington Post Tuesday, for targeting Nick Sandmann "because he was the white, Catholic student wearing a red 'Make America Great Again' souvenir cap." While WaPo owner Bezos the Clown makes that much in a day, maybe this first of many lawsuits to come will give other Enemedia outlets without unlimited funding pause before propagating their next anti-Trump supporter racial hoax. Who am I kidding? The next time someone desperate to be a victim while painting Trump and his supporters as evil comes along, they will "Jussie" us again. Because their hatred for Trump (and by extension us) is so deranged, they will never learn. And they will never stop.

   As expected, President Trump declared a national emergency last Friday to deal with the very real crisis at our southern border. While the anti-American Left decries and will likely block Trump from fulfilling his Constitutional obligation as Commander-In-Chief to defend our nation, it opens a YUGE can of worms. Stretch Pelosi warned Trump that if he declared an emergency to build a wall, a future Democrat President could declare one to enact gun control & fellow 'Rats Harris and Warren quickly agreed. Poca-honkey tweeted: "Gun violence is an emergency. Climate change is an emergency..." Yikes. Not every problem in America should be declared an emergency - or used by a president to justify acting without Congress. Just as I despised Odumbo's executive overreach, I'm no fan of Trump pulling the same crap. It sets a VERY BAD precedent & just like the Dems came to rue Harry Reid's nuclear option on judicial confirmations, this one may come back to bite us on the a$$ sooner than we think.
   In the wake of the the self-serving revelations by Andy McCabe on Sunday about the Trump coup attempt, historian Victor Davis Hanson compiled a comprehensive narrative of everything that went on two years ago in the Clinton campaign, DOJ and FBI. It's a must read piece for the nation.
   If ClownNN is to believed, (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one), the Mueller investigation is all but wrapped-up and will be finalized as soon as next week. Personally, I'll believe the witch hunt is over when I see it. It's pretty hard to take anything the most trusted source of fake news, Banana, banana, banana network says seriously.
   It was another moronic week for economics guru Astoundingly Occluded Cortex this week, even by her standards. She began by celebrating driving over 25,000 high-paying Amazon jobs from NYC costing untold billions in economic activity and revenue, because earning $150k/year is the modern-day equivalent of slavery. Then she tweeted that since Amazon won't be getting a $3 billion tax reduction, NYC could now spend that money on other things?!? No wonder this genius with a BA in economics had to work as a bartender. And just when you thought she couldn't get any dumber came another gem comparing a barrier on our southern border to the Berlin Wall. If Leftists actually knew anything about history, there would be no Leftists.
    Adding to what was already a fever pitch of excitement about the 2020 presidential race, Bernie Sanders - who is even younger than Ruth Bader Ginsburg - has announced that he is running. (Assuming that "doddering" and "running" are the same thing.) Apparently the 500-year-old Socialist is the key to getting the youth vote! Who knew? Did you see #HeelsUpHarris's deer-in-the-headlights response when asked about her tweet calling the Just Smellit farce a modern-day lynching? If Kamala Harris-Bradshaw is the Dem nominee in 2020, Trump will eat her alive. In other Clown Car News: Nope-a-hontas, who is already tanking in the polls, proposed "free" universal childcare, to be paid for by the wealthy and fairy dust. Kirsten Jellybean (RTRD-NY), who Iowans care less about than ranch dressing, declared her support for Federal recognition of a 3rd gender. In other words, whatever delusion a person may suffer under, it is the obligation of the government to recognize it, condone it, and force other citizens to believe it. Recreating Obama's infamous "Apology Tour," Creepy Uncle Joe Biden traveled to Munich to disparage our nation as an "embarrassment" for our treatment of (ahem) "refugees." It's just never a good idea to look to Germany for moral guidance when it comes to setting government policies for dealing with large masses of people.
   Can you believe that it was 10 years ago, this week, when Rick Santelli delivered his "rant heard around the world" and the modern day Tea Party movement began? While much has been accomplished and many life-long friendships between patriots have been forged in the TPM, how sad that 10 years later we are almost 3 times as indebted now as we were then. That's the real national emergency!

   In a Schadenfreudelicious bit of Galactic-class Trolling, the Trump/Pence web site has the most deplorable 404 (page not found) error-page in Internet history. Trolljitsu Master Trump set it to be a giant middle finger to Hillary. Brilliant!
   Finally, if anyone's interested, this Sunday the Hollyweird circle-jerk season reaches its climax as they graciously bestow little golden statuettes upon themselves and display their political intolerance and puerility for all to see. As for me, I've got more important things to do than watch this drivel - I'll be knitting my imaginary cat a new sweater.

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