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March 01, 2019

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   The big news this week was the carefully choreographed Congressional testimony of prison-bound, disbarred, pathological liar and former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen. Unfortunately for the DemWits, their desperate show trial designed to generate something - anything - they could use to impeach Orange Man Bad wasn't the bombshell that set off a smoking gun that would become a tipping point that could lead to the I-word. In fact, Cohen's testimony accidentally exonerated Trump. He admitted he had no actual evidence of Russian collusion, and while he weaselly tried to claim Trump's "tone and body language" insinuated he should lie under oath, Trump never actually asked him to do so. Cohen didn't produce a single substantive charge against Trump, other than to allege that he is egotistical, sometimes uses bad language, puzzlingly finds porn stars and Playboy playmates attractive (and would rather that his wife not find out), that he's a wheeler-dealer, and that he believes some starving, corrupt, disease-infested countries are "sh!tholes." Instead of undercutting the President, it vindicated him. As for Mikey, himself, he's now facing more charges for lying to Congress - AGAIN! Jussie Smollett has more credibility than this guy.
   While the Left was busy sabotaging the POTUS, he was in Vietnam trying to strike a nuclear disarmament deal with NOKO's Kim Jong Un which, unfortunately, didn't happen. Maybe Lil Fat Kim thought the attempted stateside tar-and-feathering of Mr. Trump gave him a leg up in the negotiations, but he didn't know who he was dealing with. When the vicious little despot demanded sanctions be lifted before denuclearization, Trump abruptly announced that the summit was over and he was leaving immediately, without even staying for the fancy diplomatic lunch. Frankly, I think The Donald handled this situation perfectly. Once it became clear Kim was pulling his usual bait and switch, Trump walked, giving him nothing. Compare this to the years of ineffectual a$$-kissing we saw from Obutthole (with North Korea and especially Iran), and I'm definitely putting this one into the "win" category for the President.
   Last Friday morning, police in Jupiter, Florida charged billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with soliciting prostitution at a local spa. Police said they have Kraft, and others, on video receiving the sexual acts and participating in prostitution multiple times. Hey Robert Kraft, your team just won its 6th Superbowl. What are you going to do now? Hookers!
   Speaking of harlots, a former Trump staffer named Alva Johnson is suing him for damages, claiming that he kissed her without her consent. Really? Have you seen this mutt? Does he work for the ASPCA now? Is her attorney Michael Avenatti, by any chance? So the racist, bigoted Trump with the supermodel wife tried to kiss an ugly black woman? Sounds legit to me!
   A lot has been made in the news recently about the Democrat pro-infanticide agenda. Monday, they put it to a vote and all but three - including the declared Presidential candidates - voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would have ensured that babies who survive abortions are given medical attention. Man, Liberals sure do want to kill their babies, don't they? How many more ways can they prove just what a reprehensible group of scum they really are? I look forward to reminding all of them of their support for child murder for the next two years. I'm betting Donald Trump will do the same.
  Proving once again that Liberal insanity destroys everything it touches, the IOC ruled that trans athletes can compete against women, thus putting an end to women's Olympic sports. Before he leaves office, Trump MUST - for at least one day - identify as a woman, thereby forcing the Left to admit the absurdity of transgender ideology or acknowledge Trump as the first woman president.

   This might be the best feel good story of the week. Last week an unhinged kook got all freaked out and assaulted a guy in a MAGA hat at a Mexican restaurant in Boston. Turns out she was an illegal alien who is now in the custody of Immigration officials. Karma is best served with ICE.
   Yet another momentous week for the greatest GOP salesperson in history. Lashing out at critics of her preposterous Green New Steal plan, Millennial Lenin, told them to just shut up because "she's the boss." This is what you get from the "Everybody gets a trophy" generation. Next, the would-be authoritarian socialist declared it was immoral to have children because of global warming or something. Let's hope she and her zombie followers take her advice. And when the astounding $93T price tag of her Marxist fantasy (It was never about the climate) was revealed, the 29-year old with a credit rating around 460, dismissed it as nothing but a Republican smear. Alibaba Ocrazio-Corkboardz is almost worth the $174,000/year we're paying her, just for the entertainment value she provides. Trump will win in a landslide if the 'Rats don't muzzle her.
   In Clown car news: Spartacus Booger blew whatever minuscule chance he had of becoming President by saying that "America is no longer the best place to be born in." Commie Squaw Warren took pandering to a new level declaring she was for universal, "free" everything. Breadline Bernie refused to condemn his buddy, dictator Maduro from the Socialist paradise of Venezuela. Kommunala Harris announced that "of course we can afford" trillions of new spending on the GND & "medicare for all", then the descendant of a Jamaican slaveholder joined Tomahawk Liz in support of reparations. Not finished yet, Willy Brown's whore said she was for "decriminalizing sex work." Natch - professional courtesy! Reports are that some white Texan guy named Bob O'Rourke will join the Presidential sweepstakes.

   Finally, I'm sure you were all excited by the Academy Awards show last Sunday night, and neither was I. Who could resist the spectacle of the nation's wealthy, privileged elite gathered to lecture us on the horrendous evils of wealth and privilege. Where celebrities, flanked by bodyguards, security, metal detectors, and physical barriers like walls and fences banded together to condemn borders and walls. With such relatable story lines as Black Klansmen, Black Panthers, Gay Singers & Lesbian Queens, it's no wonder nobody goes to the movies anymore. Hooray for Trannywood!

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