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March 08, 2019

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   In a stinging defeat for the Mueller inquisition team, yesterday a Fed judge sentenced Paul Manafort to only 47 months for financial crimes completely unrelated to Trump or Russian Kaloooshun! With "official" copies of the final report apparently available for preorder online with a release date of March 26, it seems clear it's almost Mueller time. Demwits are already signaling they "expect to be disappointed" by the results of the 2 year witch hunt, yet will move forward with impeachment regardless. To that end, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nad-LESS has launched the next round of taxpayer-funded DemocRAT 2020 opposition research, subpoenaing everyone from Trump's administration, family (and probably his proctologist), to make the case that PDJT "obstructed justice" over something that never happened. By changing the subject from Russia and launching yet another wide-ranging fishing expedition, the Dumbocrats have made it abundantly clear their goal has never been to actually find nonexistent fish, but to completely muddy the waters.
   If someone can please explain to me how any fellow members of the tribe can still support the party of anti-Semitism after this week's events, I'd appreciate it. The week began with MN Rep. Omar proving yet again that she sure hates herself some Jews. This led to a full-scale brawl between the vile Marxist sisters and their supporters on the one hand and the Nancy Palsey old guard on the other, about condemning Omar specifically & anti-Semitism in general. In the end House Dems caved to the Islamist lobby and issued a ridiculous, impotent, watered-down piece of "anti-hate" dreck. This was inevitable because as Daniel Greenfield brilliantly explains, as societies embrace the socialist dog, the anti-Semitic flea always comes with it. The mega-hateful Omar spewed the same old anti-Jew tropes which predate the State of Israel and have always arisen when Leftists seek power. Accordingly, the leading Dems circled the wagons around their Somali bigot, with the topper coming from Rep. James Clyburn who compared her "pain" to that of Holocaust families. And now Pelosi is claiming we should forgive Omar because she's too stupid to understand the impact of her words. How ironic that those screaming Nazi for the past 2 years at Trump can't muster up the courage to stand against the new torch-bearers of anti-Semitism that are infesting their own party.
   Looks like the corruption is $tarting early for the new Socialist Dem darlings, with FEC probes launched against all 3 of the Pillage People this week, the worst of which alleging that Alibaba Subzero Cordage & her chief of staff ran a slush fund to the tune of $1M. While I'm sure the flying monkeys and human shields who adore the monumental HypAOCrite will simply dismiss these complaints, she sure seems to be taking to the swamp like a pig takes to slop. Last Friday, the Breadline Bimbos tweeted that "they're in the market" for a "team name." Check out the hilarious responses they got. Then, showing off her authoritarian, thin-skinned tendencies, "I am the Boss" Adolph O-psycho Gortex threatened any "moderate" Democrats (Oxymoron Alert!) who dare to vote against her Marxist agenda. Wow. But Socialist Barbie's finest moments of the week had to be being blasted as a hypocritical "pompous little twit" by the founder of Greenpeace and this amazing rant over her GND by my new hero, Kat Timpf! Don't miss it.
   Did you see where Stretch Pelosi had the nerve to show up in public Wednesday with ashes on her forehead? The woman who proudly promotes infanticide, is an active obstacle to national security, and is a serial liar now pretends to be a good Catholic? If so, when she goes to confession, she has so many sins that she probably pays staffers to recite all of the "Hail Marys" she's racked up. What an ASH-hole!
    Some guy named John Chickenpooper, who is apparently a former Gov. of CO, decided to climb aboard the Dem 2020 Clown Car this week. At the rate everybody and their brother, sister & non-binary on the left are throwing their hat, hijab & smart glasses in the ring, the debates will have to be broken down into March Madness brackets. Meanwhile, uncontrollable wailing could be heard across the land Tuesday as Republicans learned that Hillary Clinton will not be running for president in 2020. Perhaps it's for the best, though. In her condition I highly doubt she could manage it at this point. Walking, stumbling, and falling maybe, but not running. I do hope she continues getting tossed into vans though. That was awesome!

   Long time Jeopardy host Alex Trebek released a sad but classy video announcing he'd been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He sounded optimistic, but sadly, his commitment to "fulfilling his 3 year contract," is likely just a case of "I'll take wishful thinking for $1000, Alex." The odds of beating this particular cancer are practically niI and it would take nothing short of a miracle. Perhaps he should get in touch with RBG's doctors - they seem to be doing wonders to keep the old bat above ground. Prayers are with you, Alex.
   With all the insanity going on in the news, it helps to have a good laugh now and again. As always, Joe Dan Gorman's latest Intellectual Froglegs will do the trick.
   Finally, this Sunday at 2 AM, we "Spring Forward" into Daylight Savings Time, which begs the question - what genius came up with the brilliant idea of moving the clocks forward on the weekend...in the middle of the night? What's wrong with Friday at around 4 PM?

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