"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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CSA History

To date, the CSA has been involved in hundreds of actions, rallies and events. What follows below are some of the highlights. Click on any of the links in the table below to jump to that event.





Oct 17, 2008CSA Founder Expresses Outrage at Obama
Oct 24, 2008CSA is formed - We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!!
Fall 2008-Winter 2009Building The Organization
Apr 03, 2009Northport Tea Party - Our First Action
Apr 15, 2009Tax Revolt Day - Our First Tea Party
Apr 17, 2009We Win On Budget Cuts
May 16, 2009Homecoming of War Hero Corpral Chris Levi
Jun 16, 2009March on Albany
Jun 22, 2009Nation's first Town Hall Protest - Tim Bishop Setauket
Jul 09, 2009MoveOn.org at Chuck Schumer's office
Jul 17, 2009Operation "Grand Slam"
Jul 25, 2009ACORN
Aug 03, 2009Hicksville Hands Off Healthcare Rally
Aug 12, 2009Showdown with SEIU Thugs
Aug 27, 2009Tim Bishop Town Hall II - Nice Try Timmy!
Sep 03, 2009Stopping Pledge Of Allegiance To Obama Day
Sep 12, 20091.5 Million Patriots March on Washington
Sep 25, 2009Glenn Beck's "Moms Show"
Oct 05, 2009Steve Israel Town Hall
Oct 14, 2009Outrage at Islip Town
Nov 01, 2010Islip Town Dems Financed by Indicted Embezzler
Nov 03, 2009Election Day Wins
Nov 05, 2009DC: Bachmann "House Call"
Dec 05, 2009Foley Square: Stop the Terror Trials in NYC
Dec 06, 2009Commissioner Alex Hanson
Dec 10, 2009Dump Bishop Rally in Riverhead
Dec 13, 2009Eric Holder Protest in Roosevelt
Dec 16, 2009Democratic Committee Love Fest in Port Jefferson
Dec 22, 2009CSA Defeats the Ward System in Huntington
Dec 31, 2009Where in the World is Carolyn McCarthy?

October 17, 2008: CSA Founder Flanagan Expresses Outrage at Obama

A small businessman, Stephen Flanagan, blasts Obama's plans to raise taxes on small business. Calls small business backbone of economy.

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October 24, 2008: CSA is formed - We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore!!

The Conservative Society for Action was formed to counter the looming Liberal landslide in the upcoming election in November. We feared a severe lurch to the left endangering our time honored values and principles. We knew we had to do something to Take Our Country Back from the threatened "Fundamental Changes" that would result from putting radicals in charge of our country. In our system this can only be accomplished by effective political action culminating in the election of Conservatives who believe in the Constitution, Individual Rights and Limited, Fiscally Responsible Government. We were a 2010 organization from the start and since "All Politics is Local", we set out to do our part to unseat our local Non-Representatives. We also began our involvement with in several pro-Veteran causes that continues to this day including the Jacobs Light Foundation, the Wounded Warriors Project & weekly pro-vets rallies with the North Country Patriots.

We've had enough of radical Left-wing ideologues out to destroy our country. We will be Silent No More!!

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Fall 2008-Winter 2009: Building The Organization

We held regular meetings and began building our group. We began letter writing, phone calling and emailing our Congressmen & Senators to voice our opposition to the radical agenda spewing forth from Washington including the bailouts, the phony stimulus, the takeover of GM & Chrysler & the irresponsible Federal budget with massive deficits. We let our representatives, both Democratic and Republican know how we felt.

America Rising - An Open Letter To the Democrats

America Rising2 - An Open Letter To the Republican Party
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April 3, 2009: Northport Tea Party - Our First Action

In our first real action, we joined in a Tax Tea Party Revolt in Northport Village, organized by John Stevens and modeled after the Boston Tea Party. Chanting "Give us rain, give us thunder, we won't let the government plunder," a crowd of more than 300 sloshed through puddles to protest what they believe to be government tyranny by dumping two boxes stamped "tea" into Northport Harbor.

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April 15, 2009: Tax Revolt Day - Our First Tea Party

Just 12 days later, CSA organized our first Tea Party, themed "Tax Revolt Day" at the Korean War Memorial in Hauppaugue. Over 3,000 people attended!

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April 17, 2009: We Win On Budget Cuts

Our First Effective Political Action: 2 days after our massive Tax Day Tea Party, County Executive Steve Levy asked us to support him in his efforts to make budget cuts to balance the county budget. These cuts were being vehemently opposed by the local unions. We sent 20 members to a session of the Suffolk Legislature to do so and we prevailed!

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June 16, 2009: March on Albany

CSA took part in a March on Albany with Tea Party groups from all over the state to voice our opposition to the irresponsible policies coming from our state capitol. CSA Founder Stephen Flanagan commented on "effective political action" and how "acting locally" can have a national impact. He laid out our plan for a little surprise CSA had in store for Long Island Congressman Tim Bishop the following week.

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May 16, 2009: Homecoming of War Hero Corpral Chris Levi

On Saturday, May 16th Corporal Chris Levi, a Holbrook native and former Sachem student, came home to Holbrook, Long Island after a long recuperation at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC . Chris, 26 years old, suffered the loss of both his legs above the knees and the use of his right arm during combat in Iraq. The video below shows the kind of welcome Long Island gives to its true American heros!

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June 22, 2009: Nation's first Town Hall Protest - Tim Bishop Setauket

One week later history was made when the CSA & Suffolk 9-12 implemented this strategy when we ambushed Rep. Bishop in Setauket, LI in the Nation's First Town Hall Protest. We held him accountable & let him know he works for us & he has to answer to us. This video went viral and spread across the country, becoming the blueprint for what would be a major tactic for the Tea Partiers hence forward:

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July 09, 2009: MoveOn.org at Chuck Schumer's office

Melville, NY: Moveon.org came to Sen. Chuck Schumer's Office to Promote Obama's Health Care Program and were met by hundreds of Long Islanders who don't agree with Moveon's agenda.

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July 17, 2009: Operation "Grand Slam"

CSA delivers proclamations from "We the People" to Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Steve Israel, & Rep Tim Bishop, demanding they vote against Cap & Trade and efforts to nationalize our Healthcare system.

Senator Chuck Schumer's Office

Congressman Steve Israel's Office

Congressman Tim Bishop's Office
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July 25, 2009: ACORN

CSA has been organizing protests to fight efforts to nationalize our Health Care system. CSA arrived at a shopping mall in Commack, Long Island to "meet" ACORN organizers who were promoting Obamacare. Apparently, ACORN was NOT happy to see us. Take a look:

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August 3, 2009: Hicksville Hands Off Healthcare Rally

Defeat the Heath Care Bill and Save the Free Enterprise System: Comments by CSA Executive Director Stephen Flanagan at the Hickville, NY "Hands Off Heath Care"

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August 12, 2009: Showdown with SEIU Thugs

The SEIU held a pro-Obamacare rally in Hicksville, so CSA HAAAAD to be there. We outnumbered the union workers, (several of whom told us they were sympathetic to our side but their union bosses made them come), 2-1. At one point a few of the SEIU thugs tried to incite violence by getting in our faces & spitting on one of our members, but we kept our cool. At 2:00, like clockwork, the union organizer told her "grassroots" troops that "I'm not authorized to pay you beyond 2 PM." Within 5 minutes they were all gone & she got into her Mercedes and left. We stayed several hours longer to show our strong opposition to Socialized Medicine & a government usurpation of our rights.

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August 27, 2009: Tim Bishop Town Hall II - Nice Try Timmy!

After being caught by surprise at his town hall meeting in June, Bishop decided this time it would be different. He bussed in hundreds of supporters from outside the district & tried to control who got in. We still outnumbered his supporters voiced strong opposition to his attempts to BS us on Health Care. They said nobody outside the district would be allowed to ask questions, yet he still tried to allow the president of a labor union not from the district to speak, which we did not allow.

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September 3, 2009: Stopping Pledge Of Allegiance To Obama Day

Along with Tea Partiers from across the country, we raised hell & stopped a planned day of indoctrination of our children by the Obama Administration. The Dept of Education planned a "Pledge Of Allegiance To Obama Day". This day-long indoctrination event was aimed at students from Pre-K to 12th grade. Complete lesson plans had been developed that include weeks of follow-up on how students can "Help Obama succeed". The outrage from across the country forced the administration to back down & water it down, but you won't believe the audacity of what they were trying to do.

Click below to download the weeks-long lesson plans:

Hollywood, acting as part of this administration's propaganda machine, developed an incredible video attempting to brainwash our kids to Pledging Allegiance to Obama & his collectivism instead of to the USA. The original was since removed from YouTube but it is contained in the following annotized version:

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September 12, 2009: 1 Million Patriots March on Washington

CSA Goes to Washington and joins with over 1 million patriots to let our government know that we're fed up with the Socialist, redistributive policies they are ramming down our throats.

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September 25, 2009: Glenn Beck's "Moms Show"

Glenn reached out to CSA and several of our members heeded the call to appear on his show so the world could see that Tea Partiers are not a bunch of white, southern racist, men, but are in fact, normal, everyday citizens, many of whom are moms concerned about the erosion of our country's values and their children's future.

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October 5, 2009: Steve Israel Town Hall

Steve Israel finally held a town hall meeting at Suffolk Community College. The meeting time was set for 6:30pm, but Israel asked his friends -- including those at the Long Island Progressive Coalition -- to meet there at 5pm so he could control the room. It didn't work!!

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October 14, 2009: Outrage at Islip Town Board

Islip Town Supervisor Phil Nolan and his supporters on the town board announced plans to lay off 70 low level employees to balance the budget after giving their cronies raises.

Councilman Steve Flotteron offered three resolutions designed have high-level town employees share in the burden of a tough economy to save $750,000 and save some of those jobs:

  • Resolution: High-paid employees should contribute 15% of their cost of health insurance
  • Resolution: High-paid officials should accept a temporary 10% cut in salary
  • Resolution: Recent raises for high-paid officials should be rolled back

The three resolutions were defeated because NO other town board member would even second the motions. In short, Islip Town will balance the budget on the backs of their lowest-paid employees while giving out raises to high-level officials.

Members of the Conservative Society for Action was there to video their arrogance and sense of entitlement. This video was distributed to the whole Town so Islip voters would remember on Election Day! They did. Nolan's team was defeated despite a huge advantage in funding.

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November 1, 2009: Islip Town Dems Financed by Indicted Embezzler

CSA launches video exposing Islip Town Supervisor Phil Nolan and the Islip Town Democratic Committee for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from indicted businessman Brian Madden.

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November 3, 2009: Election Day Wins

When CSA was formed, we set our sites on changing Albany & Washington in 2010. But by November 2009, our group of activists had grown to the point where we were able to make a difference in several local elections. In these races our candidates were vastly outspent but we were able to prove that a dedicated group of true Grass Roots supporters from CSA can overcome long odds:

  • Huntington Town council: In a town that was proud of their "5-0 votes", Mark Mayoka became the first Republican elected in 5 years
  • Islip Town Council: Steve Flotteron was re-elected & Trish Bergin was elected, ousting long time councilman Christopher Bodkin, and defeating a well-connected candidate known as the "Liberal Lion of Long Island", Jim Morgo
  • Suffolk County Legislature: Tom Cilmi defeated Democratic & Working Families Party candidate Patrick Nolan (son of Islip Supervisor Phillip Nolan). Cilmi did not get the Conservative Party line but won big on the "R" line.
  • Nassau County Supervisor: In a race that was supposed to be unwinnable, Ed Mangano narrowly defeated a well-financed, entrenched Democrat incumbent in Tom Suozzi and a 3rd party candidate, Steve Hansen who got the "Conservative" Party line (despite the fact that he was a Democrat working in the Suozzi administration!).
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November 5, 2009: DC: Bachmann "House Call"

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asked the American public to: "come to Washington, DC, by the carload" so she could lead them through the halls of Congress to oppose health care reform. She urged us to, "find members of Congress, look at the whites of their eyes and say, 'Don't take away my health care.'"

With only a couple of days notice, scores of CSA members heeded the call and returned to DC to try and save our country from the scourge of Socialized Medicine.

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December 5, 2009: Foley Square: Stop the Terror Trials in NYC

The CSA joined the 911NeverForget.Us coalition to rally against the decision to bring the terrorists trials into the Federal Courts here in NYC. We agree with the 911NeverForget.Us coalition that America's enemies do not have Constitutional rights. Terrorists defy the Geneva Conventions and deserve neither civilian trials nor a propaganda platform a mere 6 blocks from where they slaughtered our loved ones.

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December 6, 2009: Gordon Heights Commissioner Alex Hanson

The Gordon Heights Fire District has the highest fire taxes in the state which their low income residents can ill afford. Proponents of a bid to dissolve the district, Maryanne Owens and CSA Member Alex Hanson, ran for two seats on the five-member Board of Fire Commissioners. Both Hansen and Owens won in a landslide.

This was a huge victory for Hansen, Gordon Heights and CSA. It proved that with the right organization and determination, we CAN make a difference.  Hanson and Owens are the ONLY two Fire Commissioners on Long Island that are "citizen commissioners", meaning they are NOT members of the fire department.

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December 10, 2009: Dump Bishop Rally in Riverhead

Tim Bishop held a fund raising event on December 10, 2009 in Riverhead, Long Island at the Atlantis Marine World aquarium. He was greeted by a large group of protesters from his district who are fed up with his voting record which does not represent their interests or the majority of the residents who live in Eastern Long Island. Their message to Bishop was clear: "Change your ways or face defeat in the 2010 congressional election."

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December 13, 2009: Eric Holder Protest in Roosevelt

Eric Holder decided to visit his mother's church in Roosevelt, Long Island, right in our own backyard. CSA was there to let Mr. Holder know how we feel about his handling of the NYC Terror Trials, the New Black Panthers case in Philadelphia, etc.

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December 16, 2009: Tea Party Rally at Democratic Committee Love Fest in Port Jefferson

Long Island tea party patriots protest outside Danfords Inn at the Port Jefferson Ferry to let anyone and everyone know that Tim Bishop, Brian Foley, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Chuck Schumer don't represent them and are bankrupting the country. These ordinary residents of Long Island are silent no more and are actively standing up and fighting back.

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December 22, 2009: Defeat the Ward System in Huntington

CSA opposed the referendum to convert Huntington town from at-large to Councilmatic districts. The politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle wanted this because it would be easier for incumbents to run campaigns in smaller areas. They called for a special election just before Christmas, hoping to slip it in while people were absorbed with the holidays.

CSA felt we shouldn't be making it harder for new voices in the political process and it would be a loss of representation for the Huntington residents as they would only have one person to represent their interests, instead of the whole Town Council.

CSA hit the streets to vehemently oppose it. The proposition was overwhelmingly rejected by a vote of 16.657 to 3,834! This was a great victory for the grassroots and clearly sent a message that we CAN oppose successfully defeat the entrenched parties. 

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December 31, 2009: Where in the World is Carolyn McCarthy?

CSA members have been on an impossible mission to track down Rep. McCarthy since the summer, to voice our opposition to the Health Care, Cap & Trade, Stimulus & all the other Socialist bills that she voted for in lock step with Pelosi. We protested at her Garden City office dozens of times & even had an appointment with her in D.C., which she ducked. Does this lady actually exist or is she literally nothing more than a Pelosi Puppet?

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Political Action

CSA Founder Stephen Flanagan discusses "Effective Political Action."

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