"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -- Thomas Jefferson
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CSA History

To date, the CSA has been involved in hundreds of actions, rallies and events. What follows below are some of the highlights. Click on any of the links in the table below to jump to that event.





Jan 10, 2010Flip-Flop Foley
Jan 12, 2010Massive Meeting in Plainview
Jan 19, 2010Scott Brown Wins!
Feb 05, 2010Peter Schmitt Rescinds Pay Raises
Feb 09, 2010Dean Murray - First Tea Party Elected Official
Mar 11, 2010Take Back our Schools Campaign
Apr 08, 2010CSA Next Generation Is Launched
Apr 10, 2010CSA Blasts Cong Israel on Free Speech
Apr 15, 2010Massive Tax Day Tea Parties
Apr 25, 2010Solidarity with Israel
May 20, 2010Become A Committeeman
May 23, 2010Time To Defeat Chuck Schumer
Jun 01, 2010Victory at the Republican Convention!
Jun 22, 2010Setauket House One Year Later
Jul 12, 2010Gang of 4 Protest at Woodbury
Jul 17, 2010Michele Bachmann Comes to LI
Jul 22, 2010History is Made in CD1
Aug 07, 2010Gary Berntsen: Tenth Amendment Rally in Albany
Aug 08, 2010August 8, 2010: We Stand With Arizona
Sep 12, 2010Return to DC - We're Not Going Anywhere
Sep 23, 2010Dump Craig Johnson Rally
Sep 30, 2010Unite & Fight Night in Bayshore
Oct 09, 2010CSA Blasts Brian Foley at his Press Conference
Oct 12, 2010Steve Israel Is No Moderate!
Nov 03, 2010Lee Zeldin Defeats Brian Foley
Nov 03, 2010Republicans Take House in Wave Election
Dec 20, 2010Jack Martins Wins - Finally!

Jan 10, 2010: Flip-Flop Foley

Senator Brian Foley was the deciding vote to create the MTA payroll tax in New York State. Now that he's running for re-election, he's running to voters and telling them that he will "clean up the MTA payroll tax mess". Sounds like Barney Frank... Create a crisis, then offer to clean it up. Foley MUST be defeated in November.

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Jan 12, 2010: Massive Meeting in Plainview

CSA is becoming a significant force in a widening political area. Largest CSA meeting so far.

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Jan 19, 2010: Scott Brown Wins!

Scott Brown, an upstart Republican candidate who ran as "the 41st vote" against Obamacare in Liberal Massachussettes, with Tea Party support pulled off one of the biggest U.S. political upsets in modern history when he defeated Democrat Martha Coakley to fill out the Senate term of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. CSA members did our part by donating money, handling phone banks & even driving up to Mass to help with the campaign. This really put the Tea Party on the map as a force to be reckoned with across the country.

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Feb 5, 2010: Peter Schmitt Rescinds Pay Raises

One of the very first things Peter Schmitt, the newly minted Republican presiding officer of the Nassau County Legislature did was give himself a 40% raise! This evoked protests of outrage from the many Nassau County Tea Party members who helped turn the election & the Legislature in favor of the Republicans. We at CSA spoke with both Mr. Schmitt, putting pressure on him to rescind the raise, which he ultimately did.

This was significant in 2 regards. First it showed that the Tea Party isn't about the D or R in front of your name, it's about doing the right thing. We'll go after anyone not towing the line. Second, it showed that CSA has attained the credibility where it's not always necessary to take to the streets - going forward, sometimes a simple phone call will be enough to accomplish our goals.

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Feb 9, 2010: Dean Murray - First Tea Party Elected Official

Long Island Does It Again! Newly elected NY State Assemblyman Dean Murray appeared on Fox News giving credit to the Conservative Society for Action and Suffolk 9/12 Project for his election victory. Murray is the nation's first Tea Party member elected to office.

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Mar 11, 2010: Take Back our Schools Campaign

The CSA held a school board candidates night to assist members that want to run for their local school board. We have often said that all politics is local - School Boards are as local as it gets! We all know that the PTA and Teachers Unions run our schools. They take our children for the day to teach them math and science. But we too often find that our kids are also learning about Washington's liberal agenda and not enough about history and common sense.

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Apr 08, 2010: CSA Next Generation Is Launched

The first youth Tea Party group in the nation, CSA-The Next Generation, run by and for our youth was launched. We all know that our future is in the hands of our youth. They need to be a viable part of our movement. This group is for any college students, young adults, High School kids, and any young patriot who is ready to step up and get involved.

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Apr 10, 2010: CSA Blasts Cong Israel on Free Speech

Congressman Steve Israel from New York's 2nd Congressional District recently condemned the expression of thousands of citizens who came to Washington to be heard. He asked Rep. Michelle Backman to "apologize" for people's right to protest against the heath care bill. We at Conservative Society for Action CONDEMN Steve Isreal to defeat in November. We the People have every right to protest Washington's reckless big government policies. Steve Israel owes "We the People" an apology for his attempt to stop free speech and our right to peacefully assemble.

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Apr 15, 2010: Massive Tax Day Tea Parties

CSA members took part in 3 Tea Parties on Long Island in Massapequa, Hicksville & of course, Hauppauge, the scene of our first Tea Party protest. Once again, thousands of patriots showed up to voice their opposition to the outrageous taxes and our corrupt politicians. Since they seem to represent the interests of their party leadership instead of We The People, this is truly Taxation Without Representation.

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Apr 25, 2010: Solidarity with Israel

CSA joined over 2000 people in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City, in the rain (for three hours) to express our solidarity with Israel and to protest the outrageous treatment of Israel by Obama and his administration.

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May 20, 2010: Become A Committeeman

Conservative Society for Action and The Suffolk County 9/12 Project co-hosted the Primary Challenge Presentation - Learn the Committeeman process. We have been disappointed by many of the decision recently made by the local major parties. There's only one way to make sure the parties are listening and that's to join the party.

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May 23, 2010: Time To Defeat Chuck Schumer

CSA members were at the Press Conference in NYC where Gary Berntsen announced his bid to take on and unseat Senator Charles Schumer

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June 1, 2010: Victory at the Republican Convention!

Gary Berntsen, candidate for US Senate against NY's Chuck Schumer, addresses supports at the New York State Republican convention on June 1. Tea party supporters from the Conservative Society for Action, Suffolk 9-12 and other groups came out in huge numbers to support Berntsen's run against Chuck Schumer.

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June 22, 2010: Setauket House One Year Later

CSA went back to the scene of the Nation's first Town Hall Protest on the one year anniversary for our monthly general meeting to talk about where we've been, what we've done & how much we must do going forward to take our country back.

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July 12, 2010: Gang of 4 Protest at Woodbury

The Working Families Party held a fundraiser and all 4 of our local Pelosi Puppets were there. We couldn't miss a chance to send our special greeting to Ackerman, Bishop, Israel & McCarthy

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July 17, 2010: Michele Bachmann Comes to LI

Michele Bachmann came to Deer Park for a breakfast & Rally in support of our own John Gomez.

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July 22, 2010: History is Made in CD1

Republican Congressional candidate Chris Cox, CSA & the Suffolk 9-12 group pulled off a miracle by gathering enough signatures to force a primary in the Conservative Party this September 14th. Conservative voters will now get the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice, instead of settling for the candidate chosen for them by the Conservative party leadership.

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August 7, 2010: Tenth on the 7th States Rights Rally in Albany

CSA went up to Albany in support of the Tenth Amendment and States Rights. Gary Berntsen addresses the issue

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August 8, 2010: We Stand With Arizona

Representative Timothy Bishop doesn't seem too concerned about securing our borders. He has voted in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens and has voted in favor of giving illegal aliens further rewards and other incentives to come such as in-state tuition, educational benefits, welfare and health care services. We demand a Representative that listens to "We the People", the citizens of the United States of America!

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September 12, 2010: Return to DC - We're Not Going Anywhere

It's like Deja Vu all over again. CSA joined hundreds of thousands of patriots from all over the country who returned to DC to let the corrupt politicians know that our movement is just getting started and we intend to make good on our pledge to "Throw The Bums Out" in November. As usual, the media ignored us.

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September 23, 2010: Dump Craig Johnson Rally

One of CSA's most crucial objectives is to wrest control of the NY state senate from the Socialists who are currently in charge of the Governor's mansion & both houses of the legislature. We strongly support Lee Zeldin & Jack Martins to replace Brian Foley & Craig Johnson both of whom put their party ahead of their constituents by voting for, among other things, the heinous MTA Tax. When Craig Johnson opened his campaign office in New Hyde Park we were there to greet him.

September 30, 2010: Unite & Fight

CSA has been heavily involved in several campaigns to replace the "bums" with people who put their state & country ahead of their own pockets. Several of the candidates we support made appearances in our General meeting to rally support for the final push leading up to election day.

Randy Altschuler - Candidate for Congress CD1

John Gomez - Candidate for Congress CD2

Jack Martins - Candidate for NY Senate SD7

Lee Zeldin - Candidate for NY Senate SD3

October 09, 2010: CSA Blasts Brian Foley at his Press Conference

Conservative Society for Action members protested outside the press conference held by NYS Senator Brian Foley and Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo. CSA members blasted Foley's record on taxes, spending and for voting in favor of the MTA payroll tax.

October 12, 2010: Steve Israel Is No Moderate!

CSA members hold Steve Israel's feat to the fire as he dances around the question of how he can claim to be a moderate after voting for Bailouts, Stimulus, Obamacare, Cap & Trade & the rest of the far-Left, Pelosi Agenda

November 3, 2010: Zeldin Defeats Foley

Lee Zeldin resoundingly defeated Brian Foley. Many CSA members worked long and hard to help make that happen. With that, we're half-way toward accomplishing our main goal of wresting control of the NY State Senate from the bastards that have been taxing & spending our state into oblivion & brought us wuch wonderful things as the unfair MTA Payroll Tax. The Jack martins race is too close to call.

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November 3, 2010: Republicans Win House Majority, Make Senate Gains in Wave Election

The American people have spoken and the speaker's gavel has been pulled from Nancy Pelosi's ruthless, Socialist hands. We may not have defeated our local dirtbags here on Long Island, but they've been rendered irrelevant. They'll no longer be able to ram through these destructive bills like Obamacare & phony stimuli against the will of the people. Cap & Trade is dead. The House Tea Party Caucus will have many new members. Now we must remain vigilant to make sure these newbies aren't corrupted by the system and stick to the ideals that got them elected - Our Ideals!

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December 20, 2011: Jack Martins Wins - Finally!

NY State Appeals court threw out Craig Johnson't last appeal attempt making Jack Martins the official winner by 451 votes! With a race that close, every CSA member who worked on the campaign should feel good about having made a difference. With this win, the Republicans have retaken control of the NY State Senate & Senators Zeldin & Martins can now get down to business of delivering on their promises to stop the crazy spending, higher taxes & work towards CSA's two main objectives: A Tax Cap & the repeal of the MTA Payroll tax. It has been a very successful year for CSA - Merry Christmas, everyone!

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